Monologue Coaching

Emma also works as a freelance monologue coach, with actors of any age, on any material


-Your choice of text, or monologue suggestions available upon request
-No set style, no one way of working: just whatever empowers the actor

-Arrange sessions and learn more:


“Emma is a highly professional, charismatic, passionate, and diligent coach. She has the experience and knowledge in Classical Work that not only aids in the core foundation of classical acting but also livens and replenishes the work itself. Emma coached my graduate school audition pieces, from our first meeting where we sat down and discussed who I am as an actor and how I want to be seen, to timing and perfecting my pieces, the journey was detailed and thoughtful. Emma's coaching style is compassionate and generous. She explores various tactics, and new information in order to bring out the best in you."
-Meghan Dolbey

“I would highly recommend Emma Went as an acting coach. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and passion for classical text, and her work as a masterful director of contemporary, thought-provoking and socially relevant theater has deeply impressed me. She has helped me explore two vastly contrasting monologues and brought up possibilities and emotional flavors that I never would have found on my own. I book a session with Emma when I feel stuck or at a plateau with a piece because I know she will help me unearth new ideas that will bring my acting to a deeper, beautifully messier, and more honest place.” -Martha Benson

“After coaching with Emma on sides for a Shakespeare audition, I felt confident and prepared going into the room. I got great feedback on my audition, and can't wait to work together again in the future!” -Morgan Sullivan

"Emma is an actor's director for sure. She is not afraid of saying "I don't know" and discovering the best choice with the other artists in the moment. She is whip smart, and I look forward to collaborating with her more in the imminent future." -Jovan Davis