For Moth&Flame:

"Went's direction is clear and sharp; stylized hand gestures and particular poses seemed reminiscent of the type of painting the two characters practiced..." 
-Audrey Moyce, Culturebot (spit&vigor, 2018)

For Much Ado About Nothing:

"Emma Rosa Went's direction...of Much Ado About Nothing achieves the not-small feat of making a Shakespearean comedy funny... Went injects life, and more importantly surprise..."

"'s such a wonder when a small company in a festival production can make these hoary elements work, and in the process make you think something new about a classic..."

"...This production is a charming entry into the catalog of Summer Shakespeare."

-Michael Niederman, New York Theatre Review (Easy Leap 2016, full review)

For Othello:

"The highlight here was the thoughtful direction (Emma Rosa Went) and some very strong performances..."

" it worked really well; the hubbub of bar patrons in the next room, which normally might distract under different circumstances, actually added appropriate diagetic sound, which kept me in the place throughout. The actors tramped about the room, using the tables and chairs, seamlessly weaving in and out of the audience, allowing us all to be extras."

-Manhattan Tour & Travel (Easy Leap 2013, full review)