The Same Shirt Show Part 2:
Beckett Without Beckett


A work-in-progress showing at The Drama League, as part of the First Stage Residency Festival, August 9th at 8 PM.

If it’s not funny, it’s illegal…


Devised and performed by Julia Larsen and Olivia Rose Barresi.
Devised and Directed by Emma Rosa Went.


Richard III


Shakespeare’s harrowing political thriller
at The Scranton Shakespeare Festival

July 19th, 20th, 21st, and August 4th



Courage! To The Field!


A (mostly) New Play in Verse
by Else C. Went (after Shakespeare)

April 25-28th and May 2-4, 7 PM

Courage! To The Field! is an alternate-history-play, a good old-fashioned party, and a story told with music. With disguises, swordplay, romance, fiddles, hijinks, and more – history is theatre, and it belongs to everyone.

This workshop production of Courage! To The Field! is made possible through a Tim Bond Production Grant from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 

Initiative: Ink’d Festival


Thursday, April 18th
at 3pm (Part I) & 7pm (Part II)
For the INK’d Festival at The Playwrights Realm, we present Else C. Went’s new play Initiative.

It's the early 2000s; the internet is still young, the millennium still under warranty, and the new Harry Potter book is coming out soon. Fridays after class, high school students Riley, Clara, Em, Tony and Kendall play D&D fantasy games.  Em sorta likes Clara, Kendall sorta likes Em, Riley likes Em's brother Lo, and Tony just likes 4chan. A mid-term transfer introduces gender-dysphoric Ty into the group and the game, but a small-town tragedy brings the fantasy world, and the real one,
to a standstill. 

Ensemble and crew of Initiative, Photo Courtesy of the Playwrights Realm

Ensemble and crew of Initiative, Photo Courtesy of the Playwrights Realm

Gregory Cuellar* and Carson Scott Higgins* (*AEA, Photo Courtesy of the Playwrights Realm)

Gregory Cuellar* and Carson Scott Higgins* (*AEA, Photo Courtesy of the Playwrights Realm)

Town Stages: Sokoloff Creative Arts Fellowship


I am very happy to be joining the 2019-’20 cohort of Fellows at Town Stages; you can learn more about the program and my fellow fellows HERE and here at Playbill. Town functions as a home-base for work-space, rehearsal, feedback, and collaboration of all kinds.


The Shirt Show Part 2: Beckett Without Beckett

An Exploration of Masculinity and Existentialism Inspired by the Themes and Works of Beckett, but Containing No Actual Beckett, We Swear

That’s right— The Shirt is back in 2019, with a First Stage Residency at The Drama League, read all about it.

All things Shirt are devised by Olivia Rose Barresi, Julia Larsen, and Emma Rosa Went. Just three humble lady-clowns in a game of chicken with the Beckett Estate.


Saving Throw: Part One, Initiative


Through Else C. Went’s Fellowship at THE PLAYWRIGHTS REALM, we are developing Initiative, part one of their two-part ensemble epic on adolescence, set in coastal California at the turn of the millennium and the dawn of the internet age. Initiative will be presented in April as part of the Ink’d Fest. (Workshopped in November at The Realm)

What \\ Washed Ashore // Astray


A new play by Benjamin Benne

A Staged-Reading Series at the CAMPFIRE THEATRE FESTIVAL, in Boise ID.

September 7-9, at the Boise Contemporary Theater, Campfire is "a three day festival created by theatre makers, for theatre makers," and brings guest artists from around the country together for three days of workshops, community, and new work. 

From left to right: Tracy Sunderland, Elaine Diner, Jackie Franks, Janet Lo

From left to right: Tracy Sunderland, Elaine Diner, Jackie Franks, Janet Lo

As You Like It


by William Shakespeare
At the Scranton Shakespeare Festival

Arden, July 13, 14, 15, & 29. Be there.

A banished Duke and his followers seek refuge and peace in the Forest of Arden (a mysterious, secluded “golden world”) where two young women on the run from court find freedom in disguise and love in the forest... As You Like It is the universal invitation; Shakespeare's anarchic, musical comedy of love-at-first-sight and the power of nature, where discord finds harmony, where evil is converted, where all identity is possible.

Featuring: Olivia Rose Barresi, Will Ormsby Cary, Daniel Holme, Irina Kaplan, Julia Larsen, Garrett K. Lyons, Conor McGuigan, Joe McGurl, Ben McNamara, Tamara Sevunts, Logan T. Sutton and Camille Upshaw


Old Names for Wildflowers


A New Play, by Else C. Went

Co-Produced by The Renovationists, The Tank, and Parity Productions

MAY 11th-25th, 2018:

Click HERE to read the full review from Jacquelyn Claire, at Stage Biz:

"The play is a powerful statement on survival and the qualities of those individuals who are able to overcome extreme odds to triumphantly stand in their light."

"Director Emma Rosa Went stokes the fires in the bellies of the characters to set the old paradigms aflame. She lets no moment go unexplored... Her work is marvelously detailed and completely absorbing."

Old Names for Wildflowers Trailer by Evening Squire Productions


Sara Fellini, as Artemisia Gentileschi. Photo by AnthonyCollins.nyc

Sara Fellini, as Artemisia Gentileschi. Photo by AnthonyCollins.nyc

Written by Sara Fellini
Starring Adam Belvo, and Sara Fellini
Produced by spit&vigor
Presented at the Center at West Park
April 5th-21st, 2018. 

About the Play: The great Baroque painters Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi confess their sins to a heavenly priest in purgatory. Gentileschi recounts her notorious rape and torture in order to reclaim her legacy and fully illuminate her brilliant life and art. Caravaggio, confused after his own brutal and untimely death, is searching for forgiveness -- or possibly something deeper.

The Same Shirt Show


An Exploration of Masculinity in the Western Canon, as Performed by Two Women Wearing the Same Shirt, A Theatrical Revue OR: [THE SAME SHIRT SHOW]

Co-Created by and Starring Julia Larsen and Olivia Rose Barresi
"Directed" by Emma Rosa Went


A "post-feminist" comedic exploration of literature, co-dependency, and the importance of costume. Or something.

Julia Larsen and Olivia Rose Barresi tackle some of the most iconic scenes for men in western dramatic literature, from Shakespeare to Mamet… all while occupying a single XXXXL polo shirt. Bound together on a journey, both by serious feminism and by the actual polo shirt, they will attempt to answer the following question: Are two women better than one… man? Featuring sword-fights, hat-gags, possible songs, and the true meaning of (male) friendship. Is this a vanity project? NO ONE WITH VANITY WOULD DO THIS.


Three Seconds: Barn Arts Collective


The Renovationists spent a thrilling week in Maine at the Barn Arts Collective workshopping Else C. Went's play Three Seconds. 

Featuring: Harrison Densmore, Julia Larsen, Olivia Barresi, Patrick Harvey, Zoe Goslin, and Finn Kilgore.

"Is loneliness something in the blood? Or is it something in the air? As life at White Rock Lighthouse shifts tidally back and forth across a century, Emory meets the only person who could inspire him to change his fate. Two distinct timelines weave into one family story of loneliness, thwarted hope, and the ocean."

(Residency October 8th-15th, Barn Arts Performance Saturday October 14th 7 PM)

Nec Spe / Nec Metu


A play in two parts, by Sara Fellini
Produced by spit&vigor 
Starring Sara Fellini and Adam Belvo

United Solo, October 10th at Theatre Row

NEC SPE: The great Baroque painter Caravaggio confesses his hideous sins to an imagined or ethereal priest after his own brutal and untimely death, searching for forgiveness or possibly something deeper.

NEC METU: The great Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi recounts her notorious rape and torture in order to reclaim her legacy and fully illuminate her brilliant life and art. 


unnamed copy 5.jpg

by Jacob Marx Rice, in DarkFest at The Tank. 
July 29th & 30th, 2017

 "Scars blend better in the dark."

Featuring Juliana Bearse & Jovan Davis

Cello composed and performed by Ariana Karp
Produced by Daniella Benavides, & Stage Managed by Rafaella Rossi

Measure for Measure

Directed by Simon Godwin, at Theatre for a New Audience (TFANA)

Emma was the SDCF Observer and assistant director on the production.

(May-July 2017)

"Gorgeous…This MEASURE FOR MEASURE soars just as it should into that uniquely Shakespearean plane where absolutely opposing philosophies are given equally compelling expression." -The New York Times

Old Names for Wildflowers: A Staged Reading

Presented by The Renovationists, Old Names for Wildflowers is a brand new, full-length play by Else C. Went, about witchcraft, queer family-making, and survival on the edge of the woods that "ring with the devil's whistle."

Invite-only staged-reading May 7th at 7 PM, Penthouse 2 Shetler Studios.

Featuring: Laura Baranik*, Adam Belvo, Sara Fellini, Zoe Goslin, Patrick Harvey, Sarah Keyes, Finn Kilgore, Jason O'Connell*, and Samantha Steinmetz* (*Appearing Courtesy of the Actors Equity Association)


Much Ado About Nothing

in The Brick's 'Shakespeare in the Theater' Festival

Easy Leap Theatre Company 2016

"Emma Rosa Went's direction of... Much Ado About Nothing achieves the not-small feat of making a Shakespearean comedy funny... Went injects life, and more importantly surprise." -New York Theatre Review (full review HERE)

CLICK HERE to read Emma's interview with New York Theatre Review

TDF's ARTICLE on the Brick's 'Shakespeare in the Theater'

Trailer by Evening Squire Productions

Boxcar, a play by Else C. Went

Produced at The Tank, 2016

A Renovationists Production

"Boxcar blends intimacy and poetry, gender and power, truth and more than truth, all set against the vastness of the American landscape."

Theater in the Now interviews Emma on Boxcar HERE

Emma is profiled HERE in Visible Soul's "People You Should Know"